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AOSR Archives Podcast: Chat with Dr Lilian Leong, Past President 2001-2004

Chantsalsuren Galbaatar, Archives Committee Member chats with Dr Lilian Leong, AOSR Past President 2001-2004.

The AOSR Archives Committee has introduced Podcasts or Online interviews for the following reasons:

1. To publicise the AOSR

2. To cultivate an appreciation of our AOSR history including the people who made it possible

3. To inspire our young radiologists and allied professionals

Dr Chantsalsuren Galbaatar of the Archives Committee, caught up with Dr Lilian Leong for a chat in relation to her journey with the AOSR as well as her take away messages from juggling radiology work, administration and society responsibilities. Find out why Dr Leong find its valuable and important  to attend international meetings.

Dr Leong was the Past President from 2001-2004, but she has been long involved in the AOSR prior to that.  She is currently one of our AOSR Honorary Advisors.  She was the first female AOSR President, and was Founding President of the Hong Kong College of Radiologist, taking Hong Kong radiology and its allied disciplines to greater heights. She is also well known amongst the international radiology and allied healthcare community.

Catch our first episode with Dr Lilian Leong online at

Aug 1, 2023 / by AOSR OFFICE
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