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Volunteer to Serve on Committees

Find out the various ways you can contribute to the advancement of radiology and allied fields in Asia Oceania, such as serve in one of the AOSR committees.

Volunteer to Serve on Committees

The following committees are areas where you can serve, especially if you have interest in, experience or specific skillset/s that can help us advance the objectives of the committee. Submit your interest to the AOSR secretariat, together with your CV/Resume and personal statement why you think you are best suited to serve in the selected committee. Please attach a support letter from your society (preferably an AOSR member society). If you are volunteering on an individual and personal basis, you would need to join as an individual member first. 
Archives Committee

To develop the archive policies for documenting the development, achievements, and history of the AOSR; where possible to keep records which has evidential, historic and emotional values for the purpose of inspiring our members, and for promoting the AOSR regionally and globally such as developing content for the AOSR newsletter archives column and podcasts. 

Social Media Platforms

The AOSR needs volunteers to help manage and post contents on its social media platforms such as but not limited to X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram. The volunteers will liaise with various relevant members of the various committees for content development and work with the AOSR office. 

Emerging Trends Committee

The AOSR Emerging Trends (ET) Committee is an initiative that seeks to address the practice of Radiology at the sharp end of change. Focus areas include educational webinars for emerging trends in radiology, creating awareness and encouraging use of disease specific reporting templates.

Membership Committee

The committee implements and oversee AOSR Membership matters (such as engaging members, recruitment, encouraging subscriptions) and other related matters.

Quality, Safety & Standards Committee (QSS)

The committee is responsible for activities related to and establishing Quality and Safety Policies or Guidelines and/or Standards for AOSR on specific areas deemed essential related to trends and needs. It complements the activities and functions of AsiaSafe.

Public Relations & Communications Committee

The committee is responsible for all matters related to public relations and communications and functions to promote AOSR and its activities. It also oversees the AOSR website, newsletter and social media platforms. One can also select specifically the website or social media platforms to be involved in.


AsiaSafe was initially proposed for developing a radiation safety culture and promote radiation safety in medicine. Since inception, the broader picture is promotion of a safety culture that includes MR and contrast safety, amongst other aspects.


The AOSR website needs volunteers who are able to help in the content management. Training will be provided for adding and updating the website content. The volunteers will liaise with various relevant members of the various committees for content development and work with the AOSR Office.


Team Resources

Networking and collaboration with knowledge education groups 

Strengthen Network

Meeting and engaging with other professionals within the field

Expertise Generated

Gaining valuable experience to help advance your career


Join the AOSR to work together for the future of diagnostic imaging, intervention and therapy in medical care