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AOSR, the largest Radiological Society in Asia-Oceania, fosters exchange of knowledge and ideas to improve patient care, promote research and enhance training.


The AOSR is currently primarily a regional federation of 24 radiological societies. AOSR celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2021 with the publication of the AOSR 50th Anniversary 1971-2021 book.The founding of the AOSR is chronicled in the History of AOSR At A Glance 1969-2011.
The AOSR 50th Anniversary 1971-2021 History Book

The Objectives of the AOSR

The Objectives of the AOSR The Objectives of the AOSR

The Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology serves as a platform for AOSR members to gather, network, share scientific advancements, and foster learning opportunities.

AsiaSafe is an initiative by the AOSR to establish radiation safety culture and to ensure the appropriate use of radiation in medicine in Asia Oceania countries.