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There are various sponsorship opportunities to support the outreach, educational, research and awareness building activities of the AOSR.


AOSR has always been active in educational activities and continues to be so, represented in various forums such as those organised by the RSNA, ESR, ISR and IS3R;  sharing its experience and progress with other regional radiological organisations. Since 2011, there had been much increase in educational and scientific activities. These include the establishment of the Asian Oceanian School of Radiology and the move to make the Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology an annual event since 2021.

Sponsorship opportunities

AOSR offers the following funding opportunities:
– donations –
Grants will help the AOSR achieve some of its objectives which include stimulating basic and clinical research to advance the development of radiology, facilitate exchange of scientific information as well as to stimulate interest in, to provide guidelines for the practice, teaching and post-graduate training.
– donations –
The Asian Oceanian School of Radiology (AOSOR) was conceived to facilitate AOSR educational activities, and offers programs like the International Visiting Professorship, Conjoint Session, Youth Club and Mentoring Programs.
Email blasts
– sponsorship –
If there is a service, product, event or vacancy that is related to our allied professions in radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and medical physics - an email blast may be an avenue to consider.
Mini grants

Medical Mini-Grants may help to start impactful initiatives that drive progress in healthcare or enhance patient care.

Large project grants

Large medical grants fuel ambitious initiatives, advancing science, improving outcomes, and transforming healthcare. These grants empower researchers to develop breakthrough treatments, shape the future of medicine, and positively impact countless lives.

Sponsorship Program

If you want to know more sponsorship programs and details, please contact us at [email protected]